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15-17.3 inch Capacitive Touch Screens

15-17.3 inch Capacitive Touch Screens

15 inch Projected capacitive touch screen - JFC150CFYS.V0
15 inch high brightness Projected capacitive touch screen-JFC150CFYS.V0

15 inch Projected capacitive touch screen - JFC150CFYS.V0

Product Specification:
  • Model : JFC150CFYS.V0
  • Size : 15 inch
  • Resolution : 1027*768 (XGA)
  • Brightness : 1600 cd/m2 (Typ.)
  • Touch work ability : 10 points
  • Application : Industrial Grade Touch Screen Monitor
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JFCVision 15 inch LCD Touchscreen Features a Slim Design
TFT LCD Panels
Size: 15inches (diagonal)
Resolution: 1027*768 (XGA)
Active Area: 304.128*228.096mm (H*V)
Brightness: 1600 cd/m2 (Typ.)
View Angle: 80/80/70/80(Typ.)(L/R/U/D)
Contrast Ratio: 800:1
Interface: LVDS (1 ch,6/8-bit),20Pin
Frequency: 60Hz
Backlight Lifetime: 50K hours
Voltage input: 3.3V (Typ.)
LED driver: included
Touch Specifications
Touch Type: Capacitive Touch, with 2-glass solution technology (2GS)
Multi Touch Points:  10 points
Outline Dimension 323.96*246.4 (mm)
Active Touch Area: Same as LCD Panel's active area
Touch IC: EEIT
Touch Control Interface: USB 2.0 
Touch Control Board: Included
Systems Supportable: Android, Windows, Linux
Tempered Glass Surface Hardness 7H (Typ.) (Customized)
Transmittance: > 85 °C
Touch Supportable: Finger, Glove or Passive Pen Input
Input Voltage 3.5V~5.5V, Typ. 5V
Operation Temperature  -30 ~ 70 °C
Storage Temperature  -30 ~ 70 °C
Humidity: 95% at 60 °C RH, no condensing
Adhesive types of LCD Panel and Touch
 Full Optical Bonding
Mechanical Drawings:

Customization Services
1). Cover lens is tempered glass, the size and hardness can be customized. 
2). Black silk area size and icons can be customized. 
1). BOX: 1PCS/box
2). Carton:TBD
Stablity Test includes:
1). High / Low Temperature Storage Test
2). High / Low Temperature Operation Test
3). High Humidity Operation and StorageTest
4). Thermal Shock Test (non-operating)
Safety Precautions:
1). Handling
★ Make sure that the power cables and the communication cables are connected properly and firmly. 
★ Make sure that the sensor tails are firmly attached to the controller.
★ The controller is firmly attached to the chassis and is grounded.
★ The tail of the Touch Screen is connected in such a way that it is not touching objects. any metal Otherwise, 
    utilize insulators between the tail and any metal objects it may contact. This will help reduce the noise level.
★ Never hold the touch screen by the tail.
★ Projected Capacitive sensors and controllers can be influenced by EMI and RFI. Make sure that the 
    controller is placed far from devices such as transformers and inverters. EMI and RFI can severely 
    affect the performance of the touch screen. Grounding the controller will help reduce EMI and RFI.
★ Wear gloves when handling the touch screen in order to prevent finger prints or stains and to avoid injury 
     due to sharp edges.
2). Storing and Unpacking:
Store the products at specified temperature and humidity range, per the Environmental Conditions
section of this document.
Store the products in the original packing materials.
Never place heavy objects or material on top of the touch screen.
Never stack touch screens on top of each other.
Do not hold or pull the tail to facilitate the removal of the touch screen component from the package.
Check and heed the “UP/DOWN” mark prior to opening the package.
3).  Maintaining:
★  Do not use any cleaners with chemicals that can corrode glass or damage the touch screen permanently. 
     When cleaning the touch screen, use a soft, lint free cloth to prevent scratches and contamination. 
     Avoid using sharp/hard objects.
★  Always wear a grounded wrist strap while handling the touch screen and controller.
★  For high visual clarity, clean the touch screen periodically to remove fingerprints and foreign objects.
★  Do not press the touch screen with extreme force.
★  Avoid the use of sharp / hard objects on the touch screen.
★  Keep sensor tails away from sharp objects and handle them with care.
1). Warranty Period: 2 years from the date of shipping. 
2). Warranty Exclusions: 
★ Failure to adhere to the handling, storage, operating, assembly or other procedures and   
 ★  Parameters outlined in this delivery specification.
★  Accidental or purposeful abuse, neglect or acts of nature.
★  Breakage or physical scratches to the touch screen.
★  Other factors beyond the control of JFCVision


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