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What Are The Factors That Affect The Price of Capacitive Touch Screens?


Published by JFCVision March 28,2019

With the rapid development of capacitive touch screen technology, capacitive touch screen have been widely used in many industries in daily life.

capacitive touch screens have become an important part of our daily life.

We can see self-service ordering machines in cafes and restaurants. At the cinema, the train station can also see the self-service ticket vending machine.

 Most of these very convenient displays that can be touched are commercial grade capacitive touch screens


capacitive touch screen technology


Some users may find it very doubtful, why the same size, style, and the same touch function, but the price gap will be so big?

Today, I will share 3 factors that affect the price of the capacitive touch screen.

1.bonding methods

JFCVISION's capacitive touch screen is divided into two types.

one is air bonding.This kind of bonding method uses 3M glue to fix the touch screen and the four sides of the display panel.

There is a gap between the air and the touch screen, and the operation is relatively simple and the process is relatively mature.

The mature technology and stable yield rate give the biggest advantage to the frame, and the cheaper and simpler replacement method.

It also has a feature that the screen is thick and the overall body cannot be thin. There are gaps, and dust is the biggest enemy that exists.

In addition,air bonding touch screen and the reflective effect of the glass are more obvious, the display is a little bit worse


The other is full optical bonding. The full optical bonding display completely bonds the protective glass, the capacitive touch screen and the display screen in a seamless manner, omitting the air layer existing between the display screen and the touch screen to make the screen thickness become thinner.

The visual effect is perfectly presented, it looks more beautiful, reduces the chance of getting into the dust, the picture is more perfect, enhances the display effect, and makes the screen thinner. Full optical bonding is more aesthetic and more practical

However, but the full optical bonding technology yield is relatively low, the cost is relatively expensive, and once damaged, the entire screen needs to be replaced.

In general, the full optical bonding is relatively more expensive.


 Full optical bonding capacitive touch screens


2. Touch scheme:

JFCvision mainly provides two touch IC, one is EETI and the other is ILI.

Because EETI and ILI are also divided into different levels, the definition of product grade is mainly based on the outer packaging of the product. Grade are arranged alphabetically from A to E, which is more expensive if you choose a Higher level. 


3. Surface treatment:

 If you need to add a surface treatment process, the price will be higher, there are three kinds of surface treatment: AG(Anti-glare), AR(Anti-reflective), AF(Anti-fingerprint).

After the AG treatment, a large amount of incident light is converted into diffused light by utilizing the scattering effect of the rough surface.

After AF processing, you can prevent scratching the screen and prevent fingerprints.

After AR treatment, it can prevent reflection and visible in sunlight. AR-GLASS is also called enhanced transmission glass. The reflectivity is less than 1% and the transmittance is higher, which can reach 99%.


capacitive touch screen with AF glass

These three points are the main factors affecting the price of the touch screen. If you have any questions about this knowledge, or need to know more about the factors affecting the price of the capacitve touch screenwelcome contact us.

If you need to buy a capacitive touch screen, welcome feel free to contact us via email ( [email protected] ) or through online customer service.

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