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What Are The Advantages of Touch Screen Whiteboard Teaching?


Published by JFCVision April 01,2019

The touch screen whiteboard is a human-computer interaction intelligent platform that combines computer technology, microelectronics technology and electronic communication technology.

 All the operations of the teacher on the touch screen whiteboard can be fedback to the computer through electromagnetic induction and projected on the electronic touch screen whiteboard.

Quickly exchange information between people and whiteboards, computers, and projector.

Its many features and functions make it play a special role in teaching.


 55 inch touch screen whiteboard


1. Increase the Classroom Capacity.

First, multimedia enables students to get more information in a limited unit of time.

In the teaching process, the touch screen whiteboard is used to process the teaching content, which improves the utilization of time in the classroom teaching, there by increasing the classroom capacity and allowing students to obtain a large amount of knowledge information in a short time.

Secondly, it can visualize the abstract content, reduce the transformation of information in the brain, and enhance students' understanding and feelings about abstract things and processes. The touch screen whiteboard teaching method can vividly display the things that can not be displayed in the past teaching.

In front of the students. Thetouch screen whiteboard can induce, motivate and arouse students' perceptions, thus improving students' learning efficiency.

interactive touch screen whiteboard 

2.The Use of Game Teaching.

Learners of all ages and abilities are fond of games, and games can stimulate interest in learning and make the learning process fun.

For example, in order to remember English words more effectively, teachers can design English fun playing cards.

The teacher uses the electronic pen to present several playing cards with English letters on the touch screen whiteboard, so that each group of students can form words according to the provided letter cards, then use the composed words to make sentences, Finally, let the students compose a story with the words they make.

Each group of student representatives can write words on the whiteboard, and if you want to change, you can also use the erase function.

The process of writing and labeling by each group can be automatically stored and played back. The words are memorized in the form of playing cards, which not only enhances the fun of the game, but also reflects the learner's cooperative learning and mutual learning spirit.

We should make full use of the advantages of touch screen whiteboard, cultivate students' interest in learning, effectively stimulate students' thinking, activate classroom teaching, change inefficient and boring and complicated teaching, and make classrooms a vivid and efficient classroom learning.

 lcd touch screen whiteboards


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