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3 Suggestions for Selecting a Projected Capacitive Touch Screen


Published by JFCVision March 21,2019

Choosing a suitable and professional touch panel display for your application is not easy. Consider 3 questions below to make the right choice.To make your search a bit easier, we already list 3 important questions for you.


1. Environment: Where is the touch panel display used?

The environment in which thouch panel display is to be used determines the choice of a display.

The environment the touch panel display used in determines the choosing of the display.

It will also influence the bonding method, there are air bonding and full optical bonding in optional.

In an outdoor environment, the brightness, operating temperature, and screen reflectance are important factors to be considered.



2. Application: What is the product used for?

application products the format and the resolution needed to properly display the application.

The viewing angle and the contrast of the screen is also a key factor, this will affect the visual effect

Different products have different requirements on the LCD panels parameters, such as size, resolution, brightness, viewing angle, interface, etc..

If the product is for the consumer market, the price will strongly determine the choice. However, if it is a high-end medical product, the quality and long availability may be decisive.

For ordinary consumers, price is an important factor influencing their choice.

For medical and industrial fields, quality and lifetime are most important.



3.Available: How long should the capacitive touch screen be available? How long will your project last?

For a long-term new project, to ensure LCD panels continuously supplying is important.

It is costly to change once the structure established.

When choosing an touch screen panel, it is essential to take the availability of the glass into account. This is the basis for every module. 

Determining in advance how long you think the product will be needed for your production is important. In this way you avoid surprises and disappointments if the changes in the market force you to use a new display too quickly.


By taking the above questions into consideration, ensure that the projected capacitive touch screen matches your application as well as possible. Based on this information, we can provide you with a touch screen panel solution faster and more accurately.


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