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Where to Get the Best Capacitive Touch Screens ?


Published by JFCVision March 12,2019

Capacitive touch screens are just like any other touch screen,

but have higher reliability, and The sensitivity is much higher.



If you're thinking about getting a capacitive touch screen panels or purchasing one of your own, JFCVISION is the first place you should look.

We mainly supply capacitive touch screens that business need, and support customized orders for customers.



Raw materials are from Samsung and LG, AUO, BOE, etc., PCAP touch screen mainly for industrial grade touch screen monitor,commercial grade touch screen monitor,and game machine.

Each capacitive touch screens comes includes 10 points of touch. Multi-touch allows more than one user at a time to operate the touch screen software. means multiple staff  can enjoy use without affecting the other's experience.

Try JFCVISION's capacitive touch screens for your business. Contact us to get started immediately!

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