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What's the difference between Air Bonding and Full Optical Bonding?

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    Published by JFCVision March 04,2019

    In the production of capacitive touch screen, there are two bonding methods in optional, air bonding and full optical bonding.

    Following is the contrast.



    Advantages of Air Bonding of LCD panels:


    1. It's apply to clear, common and static indoor environment.


    2. Competitive price for finished product.



    Advantages of Full Optical Bonding of LCD panels:


    1. Make sure absolute vacuum between LCD Panel and Touch panel, no ash, no vapor, no vapor condensation caused by outdoor temperature difference.


    2. Improve LCD display's resolution and brightness in sunshine.


    3. Protect the LCD display surface from turning yellow caused by sunshine, anti-shock, anti-shake, to improve display's lifetime in outdoor usages.


    4. The structure is very slim, with nice appearance. 


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