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What is 10 Touch Points Touch Screen?


Published by JFCVision April 02,2019

10 touch points, that is, 10 fingers (both hands) can be operated simultaneously on the screen.


10 touch points touch screen



1. the application of touch technology

Most of the bank's cash machines have touch screen functions;

Many hospitals, libraries, etc. have computers with such touch technology, and mobile phones, MP3s, and digital cameras that support touch screens are also many.

However, these existing touch screens are single point touch, which can only recognize and support the touch and click of one finger at a time;

If more than two points are touched at the same time, the correct response cannot be made.


10 touch points PCAP touch screen



2. multi-touch technology (Multi-Touch) can break down tasks into two aspects:

One is to collect multiple signals at the same time;

The second is to judge the meaning of each signal, which is called gesture recognition, Thereby, the screen recognizes the click and touch actions of the ten fingers of the person at the same time.


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