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Touch Monitor

Touch Monitor

43 inch touch screen monitor 10 point FHD 1500 nit - JFC430HB15TM.V0
10 point 43 inch touch screen monitor
JFCVision 10 point 43 inch touch screen monitor

43 inch touch screen monitor 10 point FHD 1500 nit - JFC430HB15TM.V0

Product Specification:
  • Model : JFC430HB15TM.V0
  • Size : 43 inch
  • Resolution : 1920 * 1080
  • Brightness : 1500 cd/m2 (Typ.)
  • Touch work ability : 10 points
  • Application : Industrial & Commercial Grade Touch Screen Monitor
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1500 nit high brightness 43 inch touch screen monitor


Part number



10 points touch

Panel size

43 inch

Ccver lens

AG (anti-glare)


1920 * 1080

Systems Supportable

Windows  Android

Display Colors



3W 8Ωx2

Contrast Ratio

1200 : 1

Signal Input



300 - 1500 nit



Viewing angle


Monitor Colour

Black (customized)


>75 ℃

VESA wall-mounted


Driving Voltage

AC 220V

Average Power Consumption

Between 60-110W, based on the intensity of sunshine on the day

Display size

941.18 × 529.42mm (with bracket)

Monitor size

1034.2 ×622.6 ×67mm(without bracket)


Approx. 35 Kg (without base)

storage temp.


Operating temp.






Product Details


1. Brightness: 1500nit

The 43 inch touch screen monitor brightness is automatically adjusted between 300 and 1500 nit according to the brightness of the surrounding.

The high-brightness 43 inch touch screen monitor has built-in patented brightness compensation technology that maintains brightness for factory maintenance for 2 years.


2. LG Glass

LG LCD glass, industrial grade (industrial high-transparent panel), liquid crystal glass Hi-Tni> 75 ° C, no black spots under the direct sunlight, afterimage



3. Full HD display

1920*1080 Full HD 43 inch touch screen monitor, rich in color, and the picture is vivid. The display is anti-glare, which effectively reduces the problem of reflection, and the viewing and touch are more comfortable.



4.  Touch function:10 points touch, precise touch

43 inch touch screen monitor surface adopts 7H tempered glass, full viewing angle, 10 points touches, sensitive touch, fast writing by touch pen or finger, smooth and accurate handwriting performance, safe and durable touch display, meeting the needs of efficient work 


43 inch touch screen monitor


5. Automatic light control

Intelligent ambient photosensitive function, automatically adjust the LCD screen displaying effect according to the ambient brightness


6. Low power consumption

High-efficiency white LED backlight module, the ultra-low power consumption of Blu-ray technology brings high performance and ultra-stable working state of capacitive touch LCD screen;

Very low expectations, Touch monitor maximum power <110W


7. Mechanical Drawings


43 inch touch screen monitor


43 inch touch screen monitor 10 point FHD 1500 nit - JFC430HB15TM.V0

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