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After-Sales Question: Repairing Industrial Touch Screens


Published by JFCVision July 25,2019

We strive to reduce the occurrence of failures.

JFCVision industrial monitors and touch screens can withstand the toughest industrial environments. Because we are confident in the durability of our products. 

All JFCVision industrial touch screens support extensive third party testing, 12-36 month warranty.

Less than 1% of all JFCVision displays produced in the past 10 years have failed individually.


Industrial Touch Screen


JFCVision's industrial touch screen can be operated for years without problems, If a failure occurs, whether it is accidental damage or component damage, JFCVision will help here.

We fully understand that the industrial touch screen cannot work normally and we want to repair the mood of the product as soon as possible, so we will try our best to solve the problem for the customer in the shortest time!


We do more than just repair the current issue.

We are committed to keeping our products in a “new” state as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we regularly visit our customers.

If the industrial touch screen we produce has any quality problems or potential problems, JFCVision will provide customers with the perfect solution and help customers deal with the problem in the shortest time.



Our repair costs are reasonable.

When the product is no longer under warranty, our repair costs are usually astonishingly low, so there is no need to worry about paying expensive repairs. We always encourage customers to consider repairs before scrapping any products. Often, we can repair products at much lower cost than buying new equipment.

JFCVision is a 10+ experience professional industrial touch screen factory. For more information on our repair process, please contact us at +86 0755-29308809 or email us at


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