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How to Package the Capacitive Touch Screen Will Not be Damaged?


Published by JFCVision July 08,2019

As we all know, the LCD screen and capacitive touch screen in transit are easily damaged.


Moreover, the LCD screen or touch is often very high in value.


If need to transportation long hours and long distances, you are worried about damage during transportation.

Capacitive Touch Screen of Packaging


So, how to package to ensure that the capacitive touch screen will not be damaged during transportation?


Our video will show you our professional packaging process.


We use packaging materials such as bubble pack, EPS plate, carton, wooden box, waterproofing film, Fragile Warning Labe, etc.


Of course, the video only includes part of the process, next time we will share the video of the whole packaging process for everyone!

Capacitive Touch Screen of Packaging


We have been using this type of packaging for many years and have never received feedback from customers about touch screens or broken LCD screens.




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