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 18.4-28 inch Capacitive Touch Screens

18.4-28 inch Capacitive Touch Screens

High Quality Capacitive Touch Panel - JFC215CMSS.V1
USB Touch Screen Monitor

High Quality Capacitive Touch Panel - JFC215CMSS.V1

Product Specification:
  • Model : JFC215CMSS.V1
  • Size : 21.5 inch
  • Resolution : 1920*1080
  • Brightness : 250 cd/m2 (Typ.)
  • Touch work ability : 10 points
  • Application : Commercial Grade Touch Screen Monitor
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JFCVision 21.5 inch LCD Touchscreen Features a Slim Design
TFT LCD Panels
Size: 21.5inches (diagonal)
Resolution: 1920*1080
Active Area: 476.064*267.786 mm (H*V)
Brightness: 250 cd/m2 (Typ.)
View Angle: 89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(L/R/U/D)
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Interface: LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit) , 30 pins
Frequency: 60Hz
Backlight Lifetime: 50K hours
Voltage input: 5.0V (Typ.)
LED driver: Not included
Touch Specifications
Touch Type: Capacitive Touch, with 2-glass solution technology (2GS)
Multi Touch Points:  10 points
Outline Dimension 532.5*328.6 (mm)
Active Touch Area: Same as LCD Panel's active area
Touch IC: ILI
Touch Control Interface: USB 2.0 
Touch Control Board: Included
Systems Supportable: Android, Windows, Linux
Tempered Glass Surface Hardness 7H (Typ.) (Customized)
Transmittance: > 85 °C
Touch Supportable: Finger, Glove or Passive Pen Input
Input Voltage 3.5V~5.5V, Typ. 5V
Operation Temperature  0 ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature  -20 ~ 60°C
Humidity: 95% at 60 °C RH, no condensing
Adhesive types of LCD Panel and Touch
3M fasten
Mechanical Drawings:

Mechanical Drawings of Capacitive Touch Panel

Customization Services
Item Customization MOQ 
Touch panel size, silk print, touch signal connector MOQ is different based upon different sizes
Cover lense hardness, thickness, sizes, shape, color <21.5'', 200pcs
≥21.5'', 100pcs
≥32'', 50pcs
LCD Panel Brightness NO
Bonding air bonding or optical bonding NO
Boards AD board with different signal connectors
PC boards with different systems and functions
for different application
Customized logo added
Cables Signal connector PIN ID


  How do we work

  JFCVision's project customization process, professional capacitive touch screen panel display technology solution

 Professional Capacitive Touch Panel Display

  Full Optical Bonding &  Air bonding

  JFCVision can produce air bonding and optical bonding and can recommend the most suitable one for you according to your needs.

Full Optical Bonding:     


1.Make sure absolute vacuum between LCD panel and Touch Panel, 

no ash, no vapor, no vapor condensation caused by outdoor temperature. 

2.Improve interactive touch screen resolution and brightness in Sunshine 

3.Protect the LVDs touch screen surface from turning yellow caused by sunshine,

anti-shock, anti-shake, to improve display's lifetime in outdoor usages.

4.The structure is very slim, with nice appearance. 

Application: Outdoor LVDs touch screen

Air bonding:     


1.Simple process      

2.Shorter delivery date 

3.The structure is very slim, with nice appearance. 

4.Competitive price for finished product. 

Application: For clear, common, and static indoor environment    





23.8 inch air bonding Capacitive Touch Screen Panel

JFCVision Air Bonding Capacitive Touch Panel

  Cover Lens Surface Treatment

  JFC can perform AG, AR and AF processing on the surface of the LVDs touch screen glass cover according to customer requirements.


Improve display effect:    

1.Can reduce the interference of ambient light,    

2.improve viewing angle and brightness of the display

 3.Reduce the reflection of the screen

 4.Coating technology making display panels easy on the eye by controlling light reflection    

AG Custom Service - Capacitive Touch Panel

AR Custom Service - Capacitive Touch Panel

AR (Anti-reflection):                        

1.Reduce the reflection and increase transmission on a surface      compared to the same surface in a blank state. 

2.Make the image clear, the color is more beautiful, saturated


1.Surface coated with anti-fingerprint oil    

2.The anti-fingerprint effect means that fingerprints on the surface become very slightly.

3.Water, oil, and other liquids are difficult to adhere to the surface. 

Application: touch monitor in resturant, outdoor touch display, ATM, POS system, etc.    

AF Custom Service - 21.5 inch Capacitive Touch Panel


  Capacitive Touch Screen Accessories

  18.4-28 inch Capacitive touch screen panel accessories, JFC can provide you with a complete solution

Board  Name Accessories Picture Cable  Name Accessories Picture
AD board:               


AD Board - 23.8 inch USB Touch Screen Monitor

Inverter Cable

Inverter Cable - USB Touch Screen Monitor


Inverter - 23.8 inch USB Touch Screen Monitor

LVDS Cable    

LVDS Cable - 23.8 inch USB Touch Screen Monitor


Keyboard - 23.8 inch USB Touch Screen Monitor

Backlight Cable  

Backlight Cable - 23.8 inch USB Touch Screen Monitor


IR - USB Touch Screen Monitor

Keyboard Cable

Keyboard Cable - USB Touch Screen Monitor

   AD board:

    Supply drive solution to the LCD panel                 

    Interface: HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB, etc.                


    Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, etc.



    Stabilize the current and voltage

23.8 inch Capacitive Touch Panel for Touch Screen Monitor


   23.8 inch USB capacitive panel are mainly used in retail, POS, commercial display, outdoor brightness touch screen and medical, etc

23.8 inch Capacitive Touch Panel for USB Touch Screen Monitor

  Factory Overview

  JFCVision is factory specialized in USB capacitive touch panel production development and marketing for more than 10 years

JFCVision Capacitive Touch Panel Factory

  Transport Packaging

  18.4-28 inch capacitive touch screen We use EPS plate and wooden box for safe packaging to ensure product safety

Bubble Pack

Bubble Pack - USB Touch Screen Monitor


Carton - 21.5 inch USB Touch Screen Monitor


Waterproofing Film

(On the surface of the 
wooden box)

Waterproofing Film - 23.8 USB Touch Screen Monitor

EPS Plate

EPS Plate - USB Touch Screen Monitor

Wooden Box

Wooden Box - 21.5 inch USB Touch Screen Monitor

Fragile Warning Label

Fragile Warning Label - 23.8 USB Touch Screen Monitor

Packaging process video

23.8 inch Capacitive Touch Panel packaging process.

Secure packaging ensures the security of the 23.8 inch Capacitive Touch Panel


  Warehouse Overview

  JFCVision's long-term stable supply of 10.1-65 inch capacitive touch screen

Warehouse Overview - JFCVision USB Touch Screen Monitor

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