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Future Displays May Subvert Your Imagination


Published by JFCVision October 14,2019

In recent years, people's demand for mobile phone screens has become higher and higher.

There are also many concept machines that have been circulated on the Internet in the past, and the display of large-scale displays has been delayed.

It may be that afterwards, many manufacturers have begun to enter the "full screen" display, so what might the future display look like? Let us look at it together!




Display Panel




01 True full screen display

At present, many full-screen displays on the market mostly adopt three-sided narrow sides or four-sided narrow-edge designs, pursuing a higher screen ratio or visually no borders.

However, due to research and development costs and technical problems, no manufacturer will use real The comprehensive screen design, after all, gives you an expensive 27-inch display that can't just impress you by the appearance.



Full screen display panel

Full screen display


Don't look at the screen of the mobile phone has begun to surround, in fact, the screen design of the display is still very slow, even now there are still many people who can not accept the display of the curved screen. However, with the advancement of the process, both the cost and the image quality of the screen will have a qualitative leap and can be accepted by more and more users.




02 Folding screen display

Folding screen is nothing new in 2019. At present, the production of folding display is not much practical except for gimmick.

Mobile phone as a portable mobile device can increase the display area as much as possible by using folding screen.

And the visual perception, but the display does not need to move often, so the folded display is actually not as good as the big screen display.



Folding screen display panel

Folding screen display



If anyone is a folding screen monitor in the future, then he must be a (rich) person who likes technology and enjoys living!



03 Dual screen display

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you add another screen to the back of the monitor?

Then it might become a surround screen monitor! For the individual, this kind of design is not very useful, but if you can use the dual-screen to play the game on the other side and put the movie on the other side, but considering the mutual influence of the two, I am afraid that it is only necessary to bring headphones. 



Coaxial dual display panel

Coaxial dual display




04 Transparent screen display

More than once we saw transparent screens appearing in various science fiction movies, and there were already transparent phones as early as ten years ago.

As a result, the real screen function has not yet been realized, and perhaps this product cannot appear in the sun.



Transparent mobile phone

Transparent mobile phone



But it should be more valuable to use indoors or in shopping malls.

Now we can already see them in the mall, and even have various advertisements and slogans, people can also see each of them through transparent displays. Commodities, you can gradually replace the hanging billboards in the future, and it is also the most beautiful scenery at night.



Transparent display panel

Transparent display




05 Head mounted display

Still not enough to disappoint the 60-inch display?

Then you can only watch movies or use VR devices. VR devices are actually a kind of display, but they will make the screen smaller and finer, so that even if you zoom in, there will be no obvious pixels.

The audience's feelings are more real.


Head-mounted display panel

Head-mounted display



At present, the VR display will have some problems more or less. For example, in terms of fineness, it is easy to see the pixel points carefully.

In the future, the DPI of the display may have a new breakthrough, and even on such a small screen. There will be no delays or even smears on the scene, giving you an immersive visual enjoyment.



06 Holographic display

Holographic displays have always appeared in science fiction movies. At this stage, we have seen pseudo-holographic technology, also known as 3D display technology.

It is difficult to achieve the true holographic level in the film, whether it is the use of visual residual or reflective film reflection.


Holographic display panel

Holographic display

Image from the web, if the infringement will be deleted immediately

At present, all holographic projection technologies have not been able to get rid of the limitations of the medium, the cost is very expensive, and they are still in the laboratory stage. Commercial use is not possible in a short time, but in the future, high-energy ion lasers are used to ignite air molecules. Glowing, I think it should still be achievable, I can only hope that the day will come!


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