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How To Maintain The LCD Display Panel?


Published by JFCVision October 25,2019

The surface of the LCD display panel looks like a solid black screen. 

In fact, the manufacturer adds a special coating to the screen. 

The main function of this special coating is to prevent the user from being reflected and glare by other light sources during use, and to enhance the color contrast effect of the LCD display panel itself. 

When cleaning, do not wipe the LCD display panel surface with any alkaline solution or chemical solution.



LCD Display Panel



Never use a paper towel to wipe the LCD display panel

For a soft LCD display panel, the surface of the paper towel is too rough and it is easy to scratch the surface of the delicate LCD display panel. 

It is even more difficult to use water directly,when cleaning, the liquid can easily drip into the interior of the LCD display panel, which can cause short circuit of the device and burn out expensive electronic equipment.



If the LCD display panel is inadvertently stained with juice, coffee, etc., it is recommended to use a special wiper on the LCD display panel to apply a proper amount of non-ionized water to make the wipe slightly moist, and then wipe it. 

Let the stains disappear without scratching your LCD display panel, but do not wipe the surface of the LCD display panel every day to avoid damage to the LCD display panel.


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