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Narrow Bezel LCD Video Wall Display Solution | AUO


Published by JFCVision September 25,2019

LCD video wall display has become an important part of the public information display solution, and the splicing gap directly affects the feeling brought by the LCD video wall display to the audience. AUO LCD video wall display is your best choice.


In order to create the ultimate visual enjoyment and satisfy consumers' pursuit of picture quality and appearance, narrow bezel has become a popular trend in the design of LCD video wall display. GOA technology developed by AUO (Gate on Array,

AUO’s self-developed GOA (Gate on Array) technology integrates the gate driver IC into the array substrate. GOA technology significantly reduces the number of driver ICs to achieve ultra-narrow bezel design, while expanding the field of view to its maximum under the same resolution. Let the design of the product be both stylish and lightweight. Large-size LCD TV panels and desktop display panels use GOA technology to develop a full-plane, borderless design that gives the product an unparalleled vision.


Narrow Bezel LCD Video Wall Display Solution | AUO


For public information display solutions, AUO’s extreme narrow bezel display for LCD video walls features the adjoining bezel width of just 1.8mm when the displays are assembled together, offering seemingly one whole image to the viewers.


For mobile device applications, the pursuit for borderless visual effects has made high screen-to-body ratio and full screen designs the dominant trend in the market. AUO’s advanced LTPS (Low Temperature Poly-Silicon) technology not only delivers higher resolution but also reduces the amount of the space required for driver circuit for super narrow bezel designs in an effort to satisfy consumer expectations on image quality and appearance.


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