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Why OLED Screens Are So Popular?


Published by JFCVision April 09,2019

OLED sales are increasing year by year, and as more and more global TV manufacturers use OLED screens for TV displays, the

demand for OLED panels has increased dramatically. Many global TV brands are choosing OLED technology to recognize its

differentiated value, so OLED TV is leading the high-end TV mark


LG Display, a large-size OLED panel manufacturer, has been


focusing on developing its OLED business. Other brands have also


begun to focus on OLED business development, and the global OLED


panel production capacity will be further improved.

OLED panels



OLED technology delivers differentiated value to consumers by providing unparalleled image quality, enabling true-to-life, vibrant

colors and precise color representation from virtually any viewing angle, no matter what image is displayed.


 OLED Screens


In addition, since OLEDs do not require a backlight unit, they are the perfect display technology when developing futuristic functions

such as transparent, flexible and rollable displays.

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