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LCD panel Type Comparison: TN panel, IPS panel


Published by JFCVision October 08,2019

Nowadays, in the LCD panel market, there are many style brands, the price is uneven, and the LCD panel is different. Many users will feel confused when purchasing the LCD panel. Some users will compare the LCD panel parameter configuration and price as a reference, while many users only pay attention to the appearance, and ignore the parameters. In fact, this is not right, LCD There is also a lot of attention inside the LCD display panel. Below we will talk about the choice of the LCD panel.


The type of LCD panel is related to the important factors such as response time, color, viewing angle and contrast of the liquid crystal display. The LCD panel also occupies about 70% of the cost of an LCD display. The other is the drive circuit and appearance cost. Therefore, the quality of the LCD display panel plays a decisive role. In terms of the different levels of positioning of the LCD display, the LCD panels also have different types of divisions. Commonly used are TN, IPS, PLS screens, and VA.


IPS panel vs TN panel.jpg


TN Panel Features

TN panel, full name Twisted Nematic panel. Due to its low production cost, TN is the most widely used entry-level LCD panel. The TN panel is characterized by a fast deflection of the liquid crystal molecules and therefore an advantage in response time. However, it is worse in terms of color performance. The TN panel is a soft screen, and a similar water ripple appears when you gently stroke it by hand. Due to the small viewing angle, such panel displays are gradually withdrawing from the mainstream market.



The advantage of the TN panel is that the output gray level is small, the liquid crystal molecules have a fast deflection speed, and the response time is easy to be improved. The advantage of the TN LCD Panel for the game player is that the response speed is fast, the radiation level is very low, and more importantly, the eyes are not prone to fatigue. So suitable for gamers.



The disadvantage of the TN panel is that as a native 6Bit panel, the TN panel can only display 64 colors of red/green/blue, the maximum actual color is only 262.144, and the wide viewing angle LCD panel has the original 8-bit color, so the transition is better.  In addition, the TN panel is more difficult to improve the contrast, so the TN color is relatively pale, not bright enough, and the viewing angle is small. If the center is off, there will be a significant color shift and brightness difference.

It is recommended that in addition to long-game players, do not choose the TN screen, after all, the color and viewing angle is much worse, not suitable for work or watching movies and other activities.



IPS Panel Features

IPS is the abbreviation of In-Plane Switching, which means flat conversion screen technology, commonly known as "Super TFT". It is widely used in display panels such as liquid crystal displays and mobile phone screens. In general, the IPS screen is a screen that uses IPS technology. Compared with the normal display screen, it has a clearer and more detailed dynamic display effect, and the visual effect is more outstanding. Therefore, when we select the LCD display or the smartphone screen, The IPSpanel will perform even better.




Large viewing angle: The angle of view of the IPS panel can reach 178 °. This means that the effect of viewing the picture from the front or the side of the LCD panel is the same.


Restore the true color: IPS panel allows you to see the high-quality picture with vivid color and saturated nature no matter which angle you enjoy.


Excellent dynamic image quality: IPS panel can display dynamic high-definition images, especially suitable for moving image reproduction, no residual image, and smearing, it is good to watch digital high-definition video and fast moving pictures, such as games, competition game box action movies.


Energy saving and environmental protection: IPS panel technology is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Moreover, since the liquid crystal molecules are arranged more reasonably, the thickness of the liquid crystal layer is reduced, thereby changing the light transmittance of the LCD panel, enhancing the display effect, and also making the LCD panel thinner and more power saving.


Accurate color: IPS panel technology is favored by professionals to meet the more demanding requirements of color in the design, printing, aerospace and other industries.


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