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2 types of thermal method about high brightness LCD display


Published by JFCVision December 19,2019

Thermal method of high brightness LCD display:

Currently, there are 2 commonly used thermal solutions for high brightness LCD displays.

The first type is air-cooled, which uses a fan to dissipate heat.

The second type is the air-conditioning heat dissipation, uses a cabinet air conditioner for heat dissipation.



 55 inch high brightness LCD displays



1. Air-cooled heat dissipation:

The air cooling of high brightness LCD display basically dissipates heat through the operation of the internal fan, and a cooling air duct is set inside. The wind enters from the air inlet, and is divided into a cooling air duct in front of the screen and a cooling air duct behind the screen, and is finally discharged from the upper air outlet. (The heat dissipation requires the model heat dissipation simulation and the entity to perform the radiation high temperature test). The specific type and number of fans used need to be calculated according to the climate of the place of use.


2. Thermal of air conditioner:

Air conditioning thermal for high brightness LCD display. It uses air-conditioning to dissipate heat inside the equipment, and the interior is divided into external circulation and internal circulation. The external circulation is that the air conditioner is in contact with the outside air, while the internal components are in the internal circulation and do not contact the outside world, which ensures the sealing and heat insulation and dust resistance, making the effect better, but the cost is also higher


Regardless of whether it is air-cooled or air-conditioned, it will automatically adjust the start, acceleration or stop of heat dissipation according to the internal temperature of high brightness LCD display. We will consider the user's use scenario and the characteristics of the high brightness LCD panel to provide our users with the best solution.

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