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Capacitive touch screen in the corporate and IT industries


Published by JFCVision November 18,2019

In the past few years, capacitive touch screen technology has become an integral part of many different business functions and is growing at a rapid rate. With the versatility, portability and declining price of capacitive touch screens, capacitive touch screen display are increasingly used in enterprises and IT.





Capacitive touch screen advantages


Capacitive touch screens have many applications in the enterprise environment, involving the entire organization. From the lobby and reception area to the conference room, and even the employee's personal desk, capacitive touch screens can be used to increase the productivity of any company.



Reception area and lobby area


These areas are where first impressions are often generated. Capacitive touchscreen solutions enable organizations to improve the customer and customer experience in any business environment.



Meeting room


The conference room offers the opportunity to take advantage of capacitive touch screen technology to turn corporate presentations into interactive experiences. Combine streaming audio and video with software displayed on the capacitive touch screen of the conference room to create a smart, powerful and intuitive collaborative work environment.



10 point capacitive touch screen technology



Main benefits of capacitive touch screen technology


JFCVision's capacitive touch technology provides some of the best solutions for applications in the enterprise and IT world.


1. Touch function: support multi-touch, 10 point touch

2. Customized: size 10 to 65 inches,  provide excellent interactive reception and lobby display

3. Cost-effective:  can be implemented on all scales

4. Fast, accurate, and repeatable: With a response time of fewer than 10 milliseconds and a touch accuracy of less than 2 mm, each touch point is independently tracked to provide a reliable, true multi-touch interface.

5. Input agnostic: Finger, Glove or Passive Pen Input

6. Ambient Light Immunity: Unrivaled immunity to high ambient or varying light levels; perfect operation even in 

7. Surface treatment: AF, AG, AR three surface treatments effectively improve the display effect.

8. Durable: The glass surface means no wear even if it is reused

9. 24/7 uptime for more than 30K hours: Unprecedented reliability

10. Pollution Elimination: Isolation and rejection of accidental exposure to foreign pollutants


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