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Why Does The Capacitive Touch Screen Not Working?


Published by JFCVision June 14,2019

The capacitive touch screen will encounter some faults when using it, resulting in the capacitive touch screen not working, so what is the cause?


The touch screen generally uses a serial port for signal transmission, and takes a signal from the PS/2 port, while the TPS screen draws power directly from the host power supply.

If the indicator is not lit, no signal is received, the PS/2 cable on the control box may be broken.

If the light is on, but it still does not flash, the control box is broken, so the user must replace the control box.

capacitive touch screen not working


capacitive touch screen

If you replace the control box Capacitive touch screen still not working, it may be that the screen is too tight, need to loosen the screws around you a little, Because the touch screen is made of special materials, it is not easily damaged by itself.

If the serial port is bad or disabled, it will cause the driver to fail to install, because the serial port will be automatically found when the driver is installed. Even if it can be installed, the mouse will not move or cannot be positioned.



Do not use the serial mouse to judge the quality of the serial port, it is possible that the serial port 9 is different for each other, if the screen is pressed or the ground wire is not connected, it will result in the inability to locate.

If some areas are unclickable or slow to respond, it may be affected by dust, and the outer casing needs to be removed to remove dust. These reasons may be the cause of the capacitive touch screen not working.

If you are using a capacitive touch screen and the capacitive touch screen not working, you can contact us at any time, we will give you the best solution.

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