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Why Choose a Capacitive Touch Screen?


Published by JFCVision May 27,2019

Among the various touch screen types, why is the capacitive touch screen popular? Let's look at the working principle of the capacitive touch screen.



 capacitive touch screen panel



Capacitive touch screen is a transparent relative positioning system, Secondly, it gives the relative coordinates of the finger touch, and the mouse belongs to the relative positioning system.

The characteristic of the relative coordinate system is that the coordinates of each positioning have nothing to do with the coordinates of the previous positioning.

The touch screen is physically an independent coordinate positioning system, and the position of each touch is converted into the coordinates on the screen.


FOG - capacitive touch screen sensor and PFC


The basic principle of the capacitive touch screen is as follows: the essence of the touch screen is the sensor.

When the user touches the touch screen of the device on the indicator with a finger or another object, the coordinates of the touched position are detected by the touch screen controller, 

And the process communication interface ( S-232C or RS-485 serial port) transmits the touch information to the PLC to obtain the input information.


The touch screen has sensitive touch and supports 1-10 people to operate capacitive touch screen at the same time. It is suitable for a wide range of applications in restaurants, cinemas, office buildings, leisure clubs, cafes, beauty clubs, KTV, bars and many other fields.


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