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What is the difference between LCD touch display and LED display ?


Published by JFCVision April 26,2019

            In the work, I often encounter some friends to consult the difference between LED display and LCD touch display. There are always some misunderstandings in choosing these two displays.

JFCVISION has more than 10 years of experience in the production and sales of LCD capacitive touchscreen. We gives a brief analysis of the difference between LCD touch display and LED display.


LCD touch display


The Difference:


1. The principle of LED and LCD illumination is different, and the manufacturing process is different. The LED is composed of a dense dot matrix composed of light-emitting diodes, and the image definition depends on the resolution of the light-emitting point. The LCD is composed of liquid crystal cells. This process is mainly manufactured by major manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, AUO, BOE.


2. LED display is suitable for display requirements with low definition,LCD for products with higher definition requirements


3. LED display is suitable for larger area display; LCD touch display is suitable for smaller area.



  LCD capacitive touchscreen


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