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How to Choose a PCAP Touch Screen Manufacturers?


Published by JFCVision May 05,2019

The first step in finding a PCAP touch screen on the Internet is to choose the right PCAP touch screen manufacturers, but what factors should we consider when choosing a PCAP touch screen manufacturers ?

We have listed some important things to consider when choosing a PCAP touch screen manufacturers.


PCAP touch screen manufacturers



PCAP Touch Screen Quality


An important factor in choosing a PCAP touch screen manufacturers is the quality of PCAP touch screen products. The quality of PCAP touch screen products is a very important factor to consider

If the PCAP touch screen we choose for our own business is for commercial display or industrial display, then the quality requirement is necessarily much higher than that of the household PCAP touch screen. It needs to consider his durability.

If it is a low-quality PCAP touch screen, it often needs to be frequent replacement, It’s will even result in more operating costs.

You also need to consider the use environment of the PCAP touch screen, whether it is used indoors or outdoors. Different operating environments have different operating temperature ranges and brightness ranges for PCAP touch screens.



Customer Service


Quality customer service can reduce many unnecessary troubles and solve all problems more efficiently.

The services provided by FCVISION are mainly divided into three phases according to the communication process: pre-sales service, medium-term service and after-sales service.

Pre-sales services provide free solutions and engineer drawings, and engineers with 10 years of experience in LCD design and development experience provide OEM services and new products.

The mid-term service includes the progress and status of the order updated every 3 days.

After-sales service provides customers with detailed assembly and operating instructions, including photos and videos.



Warranty Period


Warranty is an important guarantee provided by the supplier for customers, and it is a very important factor that can reflect whether the PCAP touch screen manufacturers is worth being selected by us.

All PCAP touch screens supplied by JFCVISION have 12 month warranty, and even some PCAP touch screens have 24 month warranty. During the warranty period, all factory-related quality problems will be replaced or refunded. The freight is borne by us.


If you are looking for a suitable PCAP touch screen manufacturers, contact with JFCVISON is definitely a good choice.

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