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Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

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    Published by JFCVision May 05,2019

    Projected capacitive touch technology


    Projected capacitive touch technology has quickly become one of the most popular touch technologies, and the range of applications is still expanding.

    Projected capacitive touch technology can be applied to touch technology in various fields,  from consumer devices to commercial applications and industrial applications.

    Mainly used in the retail, gaming, industrial and digital signage industries.

    Projected capacitive touch technology is being driven by more and more users.

    Multi-touch projected capacitive touch technology can bring users not only reduced time costs and convenience, but also a perfect user experience.



    Projected capacitive touch technology



    How Does Projected Capacitive Touch Technology Work?


    There are two main types of touch technology for projected capacitive:

    Self capacitance and mutual capacitance.


    Self-capacitance: Also known as absolute capacitance, it uses the sensed object (such as a finger) as the other plate of the capacitor. When a finger touches the screen, a charge can be induced between the sensing electrode and the sensed electrode, thereby being perceived.

    The interaction capacitor is also called transcapacitance, which is the capacitance generated by the coupling of adjacent electrodes. 


    When the sensed finger approaches the electric field line from one electrode to the other, the change in the interaction capacitance is sensed, thereby reporting the position.

    According to the principle of the two capacitor technologies, the structure of the projected capacitive touch screen is also different, and the manner of forming multi-touch is different.


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