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Which Industries Use Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks?


Published by JFCVision May 06,2019

With the rapid development of digital advertising, the application range of interactive touch screen kiosks is more and more extensive.

However, which industries are suitable for interactive touch screen kiosks?


interactive touch screen kiosks


Retail Chain Industry

An interactive touch screen kiosk that helps users instantly post the latest information on shopping guides, products, and promotions. 

The interactive touch screen kiosk rich display capabilities and interactive forms enhance the consumer's shopping experience, while also helping users streamline the information publishing process and ultimately increase sales in the retail industry.


Transportation Industry

With an interactive touch screen kiosk, users can update and post traffic information such as the latest timetables. 

In addition, users can create additional display features, such as scrolling through entertainment clips, or playing sports, entertainment, and other news programs to provide entertainment and waiting time for waiting passengers. 

In view of the characteristics of large crowd flow in stations, airports and other places, users can also play various product advertisements to create economic benefits for businesses.


Financial Sector

With an interactive touch screen kiosk, financial institutions can better promote their brand image and business. 

Users use interactive touch screen kiosks to play financial information such as benchmark interest rates, show and introduce banking and event notifications to customers, and play a unified corporate culture, such as image promos. 

At the same time, the interactive touch screen kiosk can also realize more system functions by integrating resources, such as self-service deposit and withdrawal, self-service business can be completed independently on the interactive touch screen kiosk, greatly reducing the work of bank staff, also The financial industry has brought considerable economic effects.


Hotel and Catering Industry

The interactive touch screen kiosk can also display information in the public areas of the hotel or restaurant, providing customers with comprehensive service information for the hotel and restaurant. 

For example: hotel maps, cuisine recommendations, promotions and other information content, consumers can freely choose the services they need and like, or even complete their own orders on the interactive touch screen kiosk.


Medical Industry

With an interactive touchscreen kiosk, the medical facility provides self-service registration for patients, as well as self-service viewing and print inspection reports.

In addition, interactive touch screen kiosk solutions can be used to enable doctor-patient interaction, provide map-oriented, entertainment information and other content services, which not only simplifies the process of seeing a doctor, but also facilitates the anxiety of patients.

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