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What are the Features of Touch Screen Gaming Monitor?


Published by JFCVision May 09,2019

                  The game industry is an entertainment activity that allows consumers to relax and participate. The colorful high resolution touch screen gaming monitor allows each gamer to experience the best visual effects and surprises and expectations.

Compared with the traditional single display LCD screen, the touchs creen monitor can have a better player experience, allowing the player to enjoy the game happily, which greatly enhances the participation and degree of the player.

Since the touch method is simpler than the button mode operation, most people can use the touch screen gaming monitor to play the game, but only a small number of people can use the button operation. In other words: game consoles that use touch screens are more widely available.


 touch screen gaming monitor


What are the advantages of the touch screen gaming monitor?

1. Easy to operate

Various touch inputs are allowed on the touch screen gaming monitor, and the touch can be operated by a finger without the assistance of other tools.


2. 7*24 running time

The touch screen gaming monitor can achieve 7*24 running time, and the continuous and stable operation is unprecedented reliability.


3. Optimal brightness and best display

The brightness of the touch screen gaming monitor can be selected according to the customer's environment or customized to the appropriate brightness, which can ensure that the player has a perfect visual experience indoors or outdoors.


4. Accurate, fast touch

The response time is very short, usually less than 10 milliseconds, the touch precision is very high, the touch effect is very sensitive, and it supports 10 or more touch points, Enable multiple players to simultaneously operate the game interface


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