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PCAP Touch Screen for Retail Solutions


Published by JFCVision May 15,2019

PCAP Touch Screen are becoming more popular in a variety of retail solutions, using PCAP touch screens in street shops and supermarkets to provide customers with a better shopping experience, increased merchandise sales, and reduced merchant costs.


retail PCAP touch screen


Client benefits:

What problems can retail touch screens solve for Clients?


1. Can display the product catalog, let customers know more products in the store, reduce the labor cost, and let employees have more time to focus on providing services to customers.

2. When no customer uses the retail PCAP touch screen, you can arrange to play advertisements to attract customers and increase advertising revenue.

3. The retail PCAP touch screen can operate for a long time without the need for rest time.


PCAP touch screen for retail - JFCVISION


Customer benefits:

What problems can retail touch screens solve for customers?


1. Customers can order goods directly on the retail PCAP touch screen machine, self-service.

2. Learn more about the target product and price without asking for additional help.

3. You can browse all the goods in the store without having to go to the store to find and ask.


If you are looking for a retail PCAP touch screen for your supermarket or your business at this time, please contact us, our staff will provide you with the most professional touch screen solutions and provide you with the most reasonable touch screen price.


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