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Multi Touch Screen kiosk for Hospitals


Published by JFCVision May 20,2019

More and more public places are turning to multi touch screen kiosk solutions, efficient and simple to use, which can reduce queuing time, reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency.



Where are the self-service multi touch screen kiosks mainly used?


Nowadays, multi touch screen kiosks are used in many places.

In hospitals, multi touch screen kiosks provide self-service registration for patients, view inspections and print reports,

and avoiding patients spending a long time waiting in the human services window ,can make patients more relaxed.




What are the advantages of multi touch kiosks?


1. The multi touch kiosk can support 7*24 running time and provide self-service for patients coming to the hospital in 24 hours.


2. Reduce the waiting time of patients waiting in line, improve user satisfaction, and at the same time reduce the burden on hospital staff, many things can be handed over to self-service multi touch screen kiosks.


3. It can improve the efficiency of hospital work. Sometimes the doctor has already got off work, but if the patient needs to take the medical check report, he can directly check the report in the self-service multi touch screen kiosk and print it out.

 touch screen kiosk



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