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What is The Touch Function of The Multi-Touch Screen?


Published by JFCVision June 01,2019

The ordinary civilian LCD touch screen will tend to choose a single touch screen, but if you use the LCD touch screen for commercial public display, you will consider 10 point touch screen or multi-touch screen, then the touch function of the multi-touch screen is What kind of?


In order to achieve multi-touch function, the multi-touch screen and the single-point touch screen adopt a completely different structure. From the outside of the screen, the single-touch screen has only a few signal lines (typically 4Pin or 5Pin), while the touch multi-touch screen has many leads;



multi touch screen, LCD touch screen



From the inside, the conductive layer of the single-touch screen is just a flat panel, and the multi-touch screen divides many relatively independent touch units on the flat panel. Each touch unit is connected to an external circuit through independent leads. The touch units are arranged in a matrix on the board.



10 point touch screen, lcd touch screen, multi touch screen



Thus, when the user's finger touches a certain part of the screen, a signal is output from the corresponding detection line. When the finger moves to another location, it will output a signal from another detection line.


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