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What are the Characteristics of Sunlight Readable Outdoor Display?


Published by JFCVision May 30,2019

What are the outstanding features of the sunlight readable outdoor display compared with the ordinary indoor LCD touch screen?


1. Readable in the sunlight

Working 24 hours a day, ultra-high resolution, high contrast, clearer image display, more vivid colors, more saturated colors, greatly enhance the layering of the picture, better performance details. Even in the hot summer sun, it does not affect the visual effect.


2. Waterproof

We have long been committed to the design and development of sunlight readable outdoor display, diversified products, and can operate normally in rainy weather.


3. Dustproof

Dust is an important factor in reducing product efficiency and accelerating product aging. By designing dust-proof structure and dust-proof filter products, the dustproof level can reach IP65.

sunlight readable outdoor display for kiosk


4. Anti-reflection

The surface treatment of the glass cover can improve the viewing angle and brightness of the screen, reduce the reflection of the screen, and make the image display clearer.


5. Application

Chain supermarkets, stations, airports, bank finance, shopping plazas, schools, government and corporate propaganda are all using outdoor touch screens.


sunlight readable outdoor display-outdoor touch screen



JFCVision provides sunlight readable outdoor display, LCDs are from LG, Samsung, BOE and other international brands LCD screens, JFCVision can customize the brightness of the demand for customers,

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