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Touch Screen Information Kiosks for the Retail Industry


Published by JFCVision May 22,2019

JFCVision provides a wide range of touch screen display solutions for contemporary retail businesses. 

Touch screen information kiosk are popular in the market,

and touch display interfaces provide users with a fast and intuitive display interface that greatly simplifies interaction and transactions between customers and stores.

Touch Screen Information Kiosks for Ratail





Large Size Touch Screen Information Kiosks

The user only needs to touch the display screen to operate, and the user does not need to know complicated operation skills.

Unlike desktop computers, users do not need keyboard operations, saving space and complexity.

The number of people who can use touch kiosks is wider, and even children and the elderly can quickly learn how to use them.





JFCVision touch screen information kiosk is designed for the toughest environmental standards of customers, providing you with reliable, durable and affordable capacitive touch screen products. 

JFCVision product line ranges from 10.1inch to 65 inch.

Depending on the needs of your project, our technicians can help you provide the most professional touch screen solutions.

Touch Screen Information Kiosk - JFCVision


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