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LCD video wall display solution | JFCVision


Published by JFCVision December 10,2019

 LCD video wall display runs stably and has a long service life. It can support 24x365 long-term running environment. People have more and more perfect pursuit of clarity, resolution, high brightness and high contrast of the display. Therefore, LCD video wall display is widely used in various places such as government, unit, enterprise, school, shopping mall, community and so on.



55 inch LCD video wall display



1.Various conferences

LCD video wall display conference display system, which can transfer sound, video and documents to each other, complete real-time and interactive communication, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the visual and auditory sense of participants, and make dispersed departments faster through high-quality video conference The handling of problems not only saves time and money but also brings the feeling of face-to-face communication in traditional meetings to every participant, greatly improving the effectiveness of the meeting.


2. Shopping mall

Nowadays, the promotion activities of major commodities are being launched in a competitive manner. The LCD video wall display displays the promotional product picture information in a vivid and vivid manner with super-large and high-definition playback characteristics, and the viewing angle is large. Good absorption of consumers 'eyes, so that when consumers enter the mall, they can clearly see the applicable information such as the price and placement of today's promotional products, so as to absorb consumers' eyes, improve the shopping experience, and further bring profits to the mall.



LCD video wall display




With the rapid development of computer networks and display equipment, under the environment of information visualization, all colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools have begun to apply electronic display screens. As a large screen display device, LCD video wall display is more commonly used in school conference rooms, academic lecture halls, stepped classrooms, multimedia classrooms, campus cultural wall display and proctoring systems.



Security surveillance is changing to intelligent. LCD video wall display can fully integrate command and dispatch, video conference, video surveillance, data interaction, and security linkage. Completed the interconnection with various business systems, users in the monitoring room can view the real-time pictures of all monitoring points in an all-round way, and provide commanders at all levels with rich two-way real-time interaction of voice, video, and data to assist commanders in making quick decisions, Real-time scheduling, emergency response.


5. Hotel

Under the influence of the two major consumption pulls of "tourism" and "business", the hotel industry in China as a whole has shown rapid growth. The use of LCD video wall display has actively promoted the hotel levels and hotel occupancy rates. The use of LCD video wall display in the hotel lobby can better show the hotel's sense of fashion and nobility, and at the same time, it can bring more fun to customers and broadcast hotel information.

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