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When using an LCD video wall a long time, how to maintain it?


Published by JFCVision December 04,2019

Because LCD video wall is fragile, precise and so on, we must use it properly when using LCD video wall to extend the service life and reduce unnecessary losses!



LCD video wall



If you use the LCD video wall for a long time, be sure to rest it intermittently, or change the content of the LCD video wall at different time intervals, and reduce the brightness while waiting for work! This can slowly delay the LCD panel Aging and can prevent LCD video wall hardware damage. 

Because long-term work can cause some pixels to overheat, once it exceeds the limit, it will cause eternal damage, which constitutes a so-called "bad point". Because the pixels of the LCD video wall is composed of liquid crystals, when they work continuously for more than 96 hours at full load, they will accelerate to aging, and in severe cases, they will burn out.



55 inch LCD video wall



When there is a problem with the LCD video wall, you must find a professional technician to repair it. It is forbidden to assemble the LCD video wall by yourself. Once the LCD video wall does not work properly, you can ask the LCD video wall manufacturer for assistance.

Because the transformer in the LCD background lighting assembly may still have a high voltage of 1000V (although it is microcurrent) after a certain period of shutdown, non-professionals may cause new problems with the assembly if they are not handled properly.


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