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5 differences between capacitive POS touch screen monitor and resistive screen


Published by JFCVision December 03,2019

Customers who don't know much about touch screens may be confused when purchasing POS touch screen monitor. Whether POS touch screen monitor should choose capacitive touch screen or resistive screen. Today there are five differences between these two ways of touch.



POS touch screen monitor



1. The resistive POS touch screen monitor needs to be pressed lightly when in use, while the capacitive touch screen can be sensed only by a slight touch


2. The resistive screen can be touched by any object, and the capacitive touch screen is the principle of human body thermal sensing. You can only use the thermal area of your finger to touch the POS touch screen monitor. Fingernails and stylus are invalid. Effectively avoid misoperation.


3. Capacitive POS touch screen monitor supports multi-touch. The resistive screen generally cannot achieve multi-touch.



capacitive touch screen & POS touch screen monitor



4. Resistive touch screen is soft inside, generally with fine carbon particles (only visible under the microscope) in the middle of 4 to 5 layers of ultra-thin tempered glass. The touch screen is connected by pressing the carbon particles on the upper and lower layers,the circuit generates a touch response. The resistive touch screen is prone to oil, scratches, fragile, and easy to make the touch screen ineffective. The capacitive touch screen is made of single-layer thickened tempered glass, which has high hardness, durability, and long service life.


5. resistive POS touch screen monitor has slightly lower visibility in sunlight, capacitive touch screen is very good, and visibility in sunlight is still very strong.


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