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3 Important Functions of The Coffee Shop POS System


Published by JFCVision June 24,2019

In our daily work and life, a large number of people drink coffee every day. This has become a habit of many people. Maybe you think it is incredible, but the fact is that the results of statistics are also displayed, especially The consumption of espresso beverages is increasing. Because of the fast-paced urban life, people tend to choose espresso drinks in order to save time.


This is good news for the coffee shop, meaning that more people will come to the store to consume coffee. But if you still follow the previous method, all the processes are manual, you and your staff may be very busy, and may not get the best return on investment.


How to solve this problem?

JFCVision can recommend the most suitable coffee POS system solution according to the actual situation of your coffee shop. We are the Chinese capacitive touch screen manufacturer and support custom touch screen for customers, effectively solve the problem of coffee shop operation, such as insufficient staff and complicated operation.


Fast and efficient access

To better run your coffee shop, the POS system helps you access business data such as sales figures and bill of materials reports anytime, anywhere, and helps you make more accurate orders, maximizing order efficiency and productivity. Make sure your coffee shop POS system has compatible hardware JFCVision support sample testing and also supports customer onsite inspection.

Coffee Shop POS System


Easy and fast operation

Sometimes even if we are already using the POS system and the corresponding hardware, but the operation is more complicated, and the hardware device will always encounter a crash and can not work, which will make the customer produce a very poor experience.

The touch screen we provide is a professional touch screen for commercial display and has a warranty of 12-36 months. The raw materials of our products come from international famous brands such as LG and Samsung. Can guarantee the performance of hardware devices.


Save time and increase customer satisfaction

Whether you are a customer or a coffee shop manager, time is very valuable to you. If you use the coffee shop POS system, customers can greatly reduce the queue time and get more time for their work and life, POS The system can also save a lot of time for the clerk, allowing the clerk to better serve more people and get a better return on investment.

POS System


If you still need to know more about the POS system, you can contact us directly or leave us a message!

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