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Application of Digital Signage in Fast Service Restaurants


Published by JFCVision June 26,2019

Fast food is the first choice for more and more urban workers, which also promotes the sales of digital signage. The use of digital signage in fast food restaurants mainly includes advertising display, menu display, ordering information and weather-oriented product display.


Digital signage is the best way to help businesses and customers discuss and get messages.

Now the fast service restaurants directly use digital signage to display advertisements, display menus for customers, recommend the most suitable packages for customers, and display new dishes or beverages to customers through digital signage.

For customers, digital signage is an element of the fast service restaurants experience.


Interactive Digital Signage - JFCVision


Fast service restaurants are no longer simply promoting "digital signage advertising".

Some stores choose interactive digital signage to enable customers to self-order, self-service payment, and when the customer does not use interactive digital signage, they can play video ads or poster advertisement.


Digital Signage for Restaurants - JFCVision


In addition, digital signage can help fast restaurants deliver the right promotions to the right customers at the right time. This is difficult to achieve in posters, but in the case of employees hired in the retail and fast food industries and the number of products they sell, it is essential to use digital signage for promotional campaigns.

Digital Signage Ads for Restaurant


When we are strongly recommending the use of digital signage ads for restaurant owners, perhaps the boss will have the question: whether digital signage or interactive digital signage is not cheap.  Then, can his input cost get a corresponding return or more return?

The results of customer feedback with us show that digital signage or interactive digital signage can not only increase consumer awareness of the brand but also save a lot of advertising costs, if it is self-service digital signage Reduce employee work, reduce errors in orders, etc. If you use the brand's core values to properly implement and present digital signage, you can see the return on investment very quickly.

To learn more about digital signage or interactive digital signage, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the best solution.


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