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3 Tips for Managing the Kitchen During Busy Holidays


Published by JFCVision June 20,2019

Customer traffic during the holidays will definitely put your kitchen operations to the test. Managing the restaurant kitchen during the holidays is a complex and important process.

When the kitchen workflow is executed smoothly, it is a great and beautiful thing. But during the holidays, one of the steps in the workflow can lead to serious losses,

and the use of smart devices can effectively increase productivity and customer costs. We will advise you on some restaurant operations during the peak holiday season.


electronic menu and POS system for your restaurant


1. Prepare in advance

Preparing for work in advance is paramount and allows your restaurant to run quickly and efficiently. If you don't take the time to prepare properly when managing the restaurant kitchen, it is likely to cause a very messy kitchen and a bad impression. In addition to the ingredients that need to be prepared in advance, the menu is also very important. We used to order food through the paper menu, and the waiter will record the food of the guests.

Now we recommend using the electronic menu. Guests can choose the food they like on the touch-sensitive electronic menu. After the selection, they can place the order directly. Our front desk staff will receive the customer's order information and reduce the order error. It also reduces the workload of the waiter, allowing people to have more time to serve each customer.


2. Keep informed of the stock situation

During the holidays, we often encounter situations where the food that the customer wants to buy has been sold out. This is a very bad customer experience. How to solve this problem? This can be effectively avoided by the inventory management system, which will accurately track your inventory and promptly remind you which ingredients are not enough.

Keeping real-time updates to inventory not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces the waste of ingredients. When managing a restaurant kitchen, especially during busy holidays, it is important to keep abreast of the number of ingredients in the food library.


3. Choose the right hardware device

We all know clearly that when we use the electronic menu, the touch effect is very sensitive, the displayed dishes are very high-definition, it looks very appetizing, and there are other electronic menus that are very hard to use, and the display The color of the food inside is also very dim, so that there is no appetite.

So when I choose hardware devices, it is better to choose a higher quality device. It not only reduces the workload of the restaurant staff but also allows the customer to have a better experience and looks very delicious food pictures. It will make customers more attractive to order, use the electronic menu to reduce errors, simplify the order process, and improve communication between the waiter and the kitchen. By preparing meals faster and more accurately, your restaurant will be able to provide faster turnaround times and promote holiday sales.


BOE electronic menu


I hope that these suggestions from JFCVision can help you wish you more orders on this year's holiday. If you are still looking for an electronic menu or POS system suitable for your restaurant, please feel free to contact us. We are a professional touch screen manufacturer, with professional technicians to customize the touch screen solution for free, if you need to know more JFCVision touch screen solution. please contact us today! email:

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