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Which Industries Are Using Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk?


Published by JFCVision June 17,2019

With the advancement of touch screen technology, The advertising display machine has also evolved from a stand-alone LCD advertising machine to the current interactive touch screen kiosk

The interactive touch screen kiosk is more convenient to operate, simpler to operate, and saves a lot of costs.

 The current application industries for touchscreen kiosks include financial careers, teaching areas, medical occupations, transportation careers, and hotel and retail occupations.



Financial Industry Using Touch Screen Kiosks

The financial profession uses an interactive touch-screen kiosk to display the latest bank information for visiting customers.


 The interactive touch screen kiosk in the banking business allows customers to complete self-service queuing calls and transaction inquiries, making banking business processes more convenient. Save time and improve work efficiency for customers.


In some other financial professions, the remote control can also be accomplished, enabling liaison between financials in different regions to improve mutual economic interests.

touch screen kiosk



Education Industry Uses LCD Touch Screen Kiosks

interactive touch screen kiosk

In the teaching profession, an important function of using the touch screen kiosk is to provide students with the news at home and abroad, to know the domestic and foreign news,


to add the common sense of the students, And broadcast safety teaching information on interactive touch screen kiosks, about popular teaching news, safety action common sense and so on.


In the school's library, the interactive touch-screen kiosk can provide students with very convenient book inquiries and new book information. When no students use the touch screen kiosk, they can also play reading posters or videos to attract students' attention.



Traffic Industry Uses Touch Screen Kiosks

In the transportation profession, such as railways, airports and other areas with large traffic flow, a large number of self-service touch screen kiosks will be used for passengers to check the information of the trains and purchase tickets, A large reduction in passengers' queue time and a reduction in the workload of the manual service window.

Interactive touch screen kiosk also broadcasts shift information for passengers, prompt passengers, prevent delays, in the broadcast interface, can put local travel information, provide travel information and weather conditions for visitors, so that passengers are no longer so boring.


LCD touch screen kiosk


JFCVision's touch screen kiosk can be applied to a wide range of industries, which can be used for mall display, industrial control, smart campus construction, financial industry self-service, etc. It is believed that in the future, touch screen kiosks will become more and more popular!

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