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3 things to note about the all-in-one touchscreen


Published by JFCVision December 02,2019

When you encounter problems when using the all-in-one touchscreen, please do not disassemble the all-in-one touchscreen by yourself, contact the manufacturer or an expert, and do some things under the guidance of the expert to avoid causing a safety accident or making the all-in-one touchscreen unable to operate normally.



 all-in-one touchscreen



JFCVision will list the 3 points most common problems about all-in-one touchscreen:


1.Black screen after running for a while

Check whether the air conditioner of the LCD all-in-one touchscreen is in working state and whether the internal temperature is too high. If the air conditioner is not cooling, you need to replace the air conditioner.


2. The remote control cannot be operated

Check whether the remote control of the outdoor highlight all-in-one touchscreen is loaded with batteries, whether the remote control is aimed at the remote sensor, and whether the connection between the remote sensor and the driver board is loose. If there is no problem above, this may be the remote sensor damage or the driver board damage.


3. LCD panel black screen without display

Please check whether the all-in-one touchscreen device is powered on and whether the internal power indicator is on.


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