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8 Tips Of Using TFT Capacitive Touchscreen 


Published by JFCVision November 04,2019

1. Run your app in full screen

Remove the file name bar and menu bar, so you enjoy the benefits of running the entire screen



2.TFT capacitive touchscreen display interface uses a bright background color (do not use black)

The bright background color hides fingerprints and reduces the visual impact of dazzling light. Other pattern backgrounds (eg, crumpled paper patterns) will cause the eye to focus on the TFT capacitive touchscreen display image rather than the screen reflection, even in areas where there are no icons and menu options.



10 points TFT capacitive touchscreen



3. Use the big button as a simple click interface

Dragging, double-clicking, scrolling, drop-down menus, various windows, or other factors can make some unskilled users feel confused, and also reduce the user's affinity for the TFT capacitive touchscreen and reduce TFT capacitive touchscreen efficiency.



4. Move the mouse cursor away so that the user can notice the entire screen instead of the arrow

The mouse arrow on the screen will induce the user to think about how to use this arrow to do what I want to do? If the arrow is removed, the user's thinking and behavior change from indirect to direct. The true power of the TFT capacitive touchscreen is thus revealed.



10 points TFT capacitive touch screen



5. Enable the user to get a feedback response as soon as they touch the TFT capacitive touchscreen.

Instant feedback is important for the user to confirm that the touch has been accepted. The response can be visual. Or you can respond with a sound, that is, whenever the user touches the screen, they will hear a “beep” or another sound. Please be sure that the TFT capacitive touchscreen will immediately Clear the previous screen and display the hourglass icon (or another similar icon) before the next screen appears.



6. Make your app fun and fast

If the system is slow, the user will definitely walk away. Give them a quick response to their touch, and you can use this to lock their attention. The high-speed system of TFT capacitive touchscreen also reduces the occurrence of vandalism.



TFT capacitive touchscreen



7. Make the app intuitive, simple, and guide the user as much as possible

Let specific people use your TFT capacitive touchscreen as a test. If the user pauses because they don't understand, even if it is a while, you should figure out where to improve.



8. Make your TFT capacitive touchscreen have an attractive shell

Animation and large fonts help TFT capacitive touchscreen become more attractive. Then, the design of the TFT capacitive touchscreen should also be attractive and strong.


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