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TFT Capacitive Touch Screen Full Optical Bonding Technology Introduction 


Published by JFCVision October 18,2019

TFT capacitive touch screen optical bonding technology includes In-Cell technology, On-Cell technology, OGS / TOL technology, etc.



TFT capacitive touch screen In-Cell technology:



A technique in which the function of a touch panel is embedded in a liquid crystal pixel, that is, a touch sensor function is embedded inside the TFT Capacitive Touch Screen. 


Therefore, the original 3-layer protective glass touch screen + TFT panel becomes a two-layer protective glass + touch-sensitive display screen, which makes the screen lighter and thinner.

In-Cell technology is mainly developed by TFT capacitive touch screen manufacturers, and the threshold is relatively high.


In Cell technology TFT capacitive touch screen layer: 2 layers



TFT capacitive touch screen



TFT capacitive touch screen On-Cell technology:



On-Cell refers to a method of embedding a touch panel between a color filter substrate of a TFT LCD panel and a polarizer, that is, a touch sensor is mounted on the LCD panel, this is simpler than in-cell technology.


On Cell is widely used in Samsung AMOLED panel products. It has not been able to overcome the problems of thinning and uneven color when touched.

On Cell technology TFT capacitive touch screen layer: 3 layers





Capacitive touch screen OGS /TOL technology:


OGS technology integrates the TFT capacitive touch panel with the protective glass, and the TO conductive layer is plated on the inside of the protective glass, and the coating and lithography are directly performed on the protective glass. Since the glass is saved and the bonding is performed once, the TFT capacitive touch screen can be made thinner and less expensive.


TOL refers to the small piece process of OGS, which is to make the frame BM and the functional electrode after the white glass is tempered. The strength of its products is higher than the OGS of the large-scale process, but the cost is also high due to the low process efficiency. However, OGS still faces the problem of strength and processing cost, both of which need to be strengthened by secondary strengthening.


OGS technology TFT capacitive touch screen layer: The LCD layer is bonded by OGS layer, a total of 2 layers.


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