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What is an industrial touch screen?


Published by JFCVision August 27,2019

What is a touch screen? as we all know, such as our smartphone screen, is a touch screen. The machine that picks up the ticket at the train station is also a touch screen. What is the industrial touch screen?

Everyone can think that the industrial touch screen is only a meticulous classification of the touch screen. The touch screen is divided into an industrial touch screen and a commercial touch screen, which are divided into two types.



Commercial touch screens are often seen

on the touch screens of machines that pick up tickets at train stations,

or touch screens on ATM machines, as well as hospital self-service registration machines, etc.,

all attributed to commercial touch screens.

The environment in which these touch screens are used is mostly an ordinary environment.

The biggest difference between the industrial touch screen and

the commercial touch screen is that the industrial touch screen is used in

an industrial environment, and the environmental factors are relatively complicated.

JFCVision commercial touch screen


For example, high temperature or low temperature, vibration, dust, etc. in the factory will have a great impact on the performance of the touch screen.

Therefore, if you use a touch screen in a special environment, you should use a product with high performance and good protection. This is the industrial touch screen we use.


JFCVision commercial touch screen


The difference between the two, we can analyze and understand from the parameters of the touch screen, industrial touch screen has special or higher requirements than commercial touch screen.

For example, industrial touch screens tend to adapt to a wider temperature range.


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