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Touch Screen And LCD Display In The Transportation Industry


Published by JFCVision August 22,2019

Add fun to your journey

JFCVision's customized display solution. The aim is to create the best interaction between the transportation industry and the passengers. Adding fun to the passenger's journey.


The high-brightness, high-contrast large-size LCD panel ensures smooth access to information. Important dynamic update information and timetables are displayed through JFCVision's large, high-brightness LCD display, providing high visibility and clarity in any working environment without strong sunlight. 

The stable performance of the LCD panel ensures that important information is displayed for a long time, ensuring that there is no sudden failure that prevents passengers from viewing important information.


In addition, JFCVision's display digital advertising panel delivers information, passes time, and captures their attention with high-intensity immersive advertising and entertainment for travelers on the go.


LCD Panel, LCD Display


Beautiful and practical digital signage


Vehicles are fast, so the information you share must keep up with speed. JFCVision's display solutions ensure that everyone sees the information in a bright, clear and attractive way. Our solutions can be used for information presentation and advertising, and are designed with the needs of the transportation industry in mind.

1. High contrast panel for bright, readable visuals

2. Bright and optimized solution for indoor and outdoor use.

3. Available in a variety of sizes and sizes to suit specific applications, including original strip panels.

4. Reliable, durable and energy-efficient panel

5. Best performance and lowest total cost of ownership.


LCD Ppanel, Bar Panel, Capacitive Touch Screen



JFCVision LCD panels are the best choice for our transportation industry, as far as passengers are concerned, from the airport's arrival and departure information display to the city and site guidance applications. Whether indoors or outdoors, JFCVison can recommend the most suitable LCD panel or capacitive touch screen for your actual situation. 

Provide guidance, advertising or entertainment content to a wide range of travelers. Get the viewer's full attention and we ensure that it is clear, readable and bright even in direct sunlight. JFCVision includes but is not limited to these locations: airports, train stations, bus stations, and bus stops, subway stations and more


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