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What are the differences between 4K and 8K?


Published by JFCVision August 20,2019

There are many classifications of display resolutions, in addition to conventional HD, as well as resolutions of 2k, 4k, 8k, especially 4k and 8k displays, the price of these two displays is very high. So what is the difference between 4k and 8k?


8K display


First, let's first understand what is the resolution?

The resolution is the precision of the screen image, which refers to the number of pixels that the display can display.

Since the dots, lines and faces on the screen are composed of pixels, the more pixels the display can display, the finer the picture, and the more information that can be displayed in the same screen area, So the resolution is one of the most important performance indicators.

Think of the entire image as a large board, and resolution is the number of intersections of all warp and weft. Therefore, resolution is also an important factor affecting the price of capacitive touch screens and original LCD panels.


1. From the perspective of resolution, the resolution of 4k is 3840×2160 pixels, and the resolution of 8k reaches 7680×4320 pixels, which is 4 times that of 4k display. If you use the 8K display to watch Blu-ray movies, the picture can only occupy 1/16 of the screen.


2. The horizontal viewing angle of the 4K display is only 55°, while the 8k display horizontal viewing angle is 100°, 8K can provide a wide viewing angle


3. The higher resolution provided by 8K also means that it can display more information, whether it is font, character skin or the details of objects on the screen will be more clear. Of course, this is to match the 8K or higher resolution video to achieve a clearer effect on the 8K display.


4K display VS 8K display


The contrast of 8K 4K indicates that 8K is significantly better than 4K. 

If you plan to buy a display, you may work hard for the right choice. 

4K or 8K? In fact, every new technology requires a process of acceptance and adaptation. This is the case with 4K, and so is 8K.

 We have to admit that in the 8K VS 4K evaluation, 8K display has better performance, is a compelling technology, 8K is clearly becoming the trend of the display industry.



BOE 8K display



But at the same time, it also faces some problems that need to be solved:


1. Although there is an 8K display, 8K video is quite difficult to shoot and produce due to the limitations of the camera device.


2. As we all know, the price of 4K display is high, and the price of 8K display is higher than that of 4K display.


3. Since 8K resolution has more screen information, the same length of video needs more storage space under 8K, which is a huge challenge for hard disk capacity and bandwidth.


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