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Resistive vs Capacitive Touch Screen Display - JFCVISION


Published by JFCVision June 10,2019

1.Accuracy and Sensitivity

Resistive touch screen: Resistive touch screen positioning requires sufficient pressure to complete, so uneven touch of the screen may result in recognition interruption, which is much less sensitive than capacitive touch screen;

Capacitive touch screen: Due to the principle of human bio-current sensing used, it is only required to touch the top of the finger and the appearance of the screen.

 It is not necessary to form pressure on the screen to complete the signal transmission, so the sensitivity is higher than the resistance touch screen.



resistive vs capacitive touch screen



2. The User Experience

Resistive touch screen: The resistance screen uses the voltage drop to calculate the screen coordinate point. 

This feature determines that it can not calculate the coordinates of different pressure points at the same time, and then the resistance touch screen cannot support multi-points to touch together;

Capacitive touch screen: Its current distributed input characteristic can perfectly receive signals from different screen coordinate points. It can be said that multi-point touch is a highlight of the capacitive touch screen. 

Now, more and more software programs have developed more points. The new touch function, the user's experience, the multi-touch technology of the capacitive touch screen does improve the user experience to a new level.



resistive vs capacitive touch screen display



3.The Cost and Maintenance

Capacitive touch screen: The production cost of capacitive touch screen is generally 10% to 50% higher than that of the resistive screen. 

The previous capacitive touch screen is mainly used in the high-end products of many companies.

 These products are their typical flagship products, and customers simply accept it, but in the middle. In low-end product stores, capacitive touch screens are often daunting for many customers due to their high cost.

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