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Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Display


Published by JFCVision June 11,2019

High brightness in all weather conditions. The JFC Vision sunlight readable touch screen is an advanced panel technology that delivers the highest brightness and unmatched durability.


Highly visible, glare-free and reliable sunlight readable touch screen. The sunlight readable touch screen is durable and offers flexible design and advanced technology to improve image quality. Widely used in outdoor displays.



sunlight readable touch screen, 2500 nit display



Bright and Vivid Image

The sunlight readable touch screen has ultra-high brightness (1000~5,000 nits) for enhanced readability in outdoor daylight conditions.

High contrast, resulting in sharp, bright images

Reduces light scattering for superior visibility in the brightest environments


High Durability

The sunlight readable touch screen works well over a wide temperature range.

Reliable 24/7 operation, reinforced panels to prevent heat, moisture and dust

Support long-term use and extended operating hours 24/7, 2 year guarantee (optional extended to 3 years)



2500 nit display, sunlight readable touch screen



Reflection and No Glare

Proprietary reflection-eliminating film reduces reflection and prevents glare in outdoor, direct-light environments

Even for those wearing polarized sunglasses, you can display clear information.

Efficient external light absorption eliminates reflections and provides clear, bright visuals


Maximum Visibility

Fully HD resolution of sunlight readable touch screen provides extremely deep image detail

High temperature LCD ensures optimum display quality even in extreme weather conditions


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