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What Are The Application Areas of OLED Screens?


Published by JFCVision July 15,2019

In the commercial field, small-sized OLED screens can be installed in POS machines, copiers, and ATM machines. Because of their flexible, thin, and anti-aging properties, OLED screens are both beautiful and practical.


The large screen can be used as a business promotion screen or can be used as an advertisement placement screen for stations, airports, etc. This is because the OLED screen has a wide viewing angle, high brightness, bright colors, and the visual effect is much better than the LCD screen.


OLED Display - JFCVision


In the field of electronic products, the most widely used OLED applications are smartphones, followed by notebooks, displays, televisions, tablets, digital cameras, etc., because OLED displays are more colorful and can be tuned for color (different display modes). Therefore, it is very widely used in practical applications, especially today's curved TV, which is widely praised by the masses.


In the transportation field, OLED is mainly used as a ship, aircraft instrument, GPS, videophone, car display, etc., and is mainly in small size. These areas mainly focus on the wide viewing angle performance of OLED and can be clearly seen even without the direct view. To the screen content, the LCD does not work.


In the industrial field, today's industry is moving toward automation and intelligence, and more and more intelligent operating systems are introduced, which has more demand for screens. Whether on the touch screen or viewing display, OLEDs are more widely used than LCDs.


OLED Screen - JFCVision


In the medical field, medical diagnostic imaging and surgical screen monitoring are inseparable from the screen. In order to meet the wide field of view of the medical display, the OLED screen is the best choice.


It can be seen that the development space of OLED display is very high and the market potential is huge.

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