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LCD Touch Screen Self-Service-Kiosk in The Ticketing Solution


Published by JFCVision July 01,2019

What are the benefits of a self-service kiosk with an LCD touch screen in the ticketing solution?

    1. Reduce customer wait times and minimize delays and service issues

    2. Improve customer experience

    3. Reduce staff costs and increase revenue

    4. Minimize employee ticketing and management errors


LCD Touch Screen Self-Service-Kiosk in The Ticketing Solution


Because of the use of the LCD touch screen self-service kiosk, the days when customers wait for the queue have gradually disappeared, 

because a self-service kiosk with an LCD touch screen can afford the ticketing work of 5-10 employees and can be work 24 hours a day.

JFCVision's ticketing solution is available for:


LCD Touch Screen Systems And Self-Service Kiosks in Airport



JFCVision's LCD touch screen systems and self-service kiosks have been installed in numerous international airports in many countries.


Train/tram service

It is now possible to use the self-service kiosk to check the ticket information, purchase tickets, and print ticket, and the operation is very simple, thus reducing the situation where the customer misses the train or cannot buy the ticket in time.


Long-distance bus service

LCD touch screen ticketing solutions are also commonly used at long-distance bus stops, and interactive self-service kiosks enable customers to explore routes, ticket selection and ticket purchases on site.


LCD Touch Screen Self-Service Kiosks


Cinemas and theaters

Selling tickets through LCD touch screen kiosks not only provides customers with a more enjoyable experience but also increases their productivity.


Sports venues

It makes it easier for sports fans to buy tickets for future event tickets, as well as to buy their snacks and merchandise.


 Parking lot

A reliable LCD touch screen self-service kiosk solution is essential for the efficient operation of any modern parking lot.


JFCVision is a professional projected capacitive touch screen manufacturer for 10+ years. we focus on providing customers with professional self-service kiosk solutions. Please contact us at

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