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What are the main advantages of projected capacitive touch screen sensing?

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    Published by JFCVision November 20,2019

    JFCVision summarizes 4 points about the advantages of a projected capacitive touch screen.



    JFCVision projected capacitive touch screen




    One of the main advantages of a projected capacitive touch screen is its ruggedness. In commercial applications, touch screens have many uses. If the function of the capacitive touch screen is properly selected and designed, it will not be affected by daily problems such as dust and moisture. After the surface treatment of AG, AR, AF, it can effectively reduce light reflection, prevent fingerprint stains and prevent scratching. When carefully selected and designed to meet application requirements, the projected capacitive touch screen lasts longer.



    Also, since the projected capacitive touch screen itself is rugged, it is extremely unlikely that it will be scratched. Even if the surface is scratched due to an accident, the projected capacitive touch screen will still work properly, and the touch screen should continue to operate normally unless the back-mounted conductive matrix is damaged. This is because regardless of the damage, it will continue to measure the change in the generated electric field.


    Touch accuracy

    One of the main reasons why this technology is so successful in consumer electronics and is now so successful in commercial/industrial applications is because it is a highly sensitive touch technology that only reacts to fingers or conductive pens (which means The possibility of "wrong touch" is small)). Resistive touch screens require more stress than projected capacitive touch screens, and optical or acoustic-based touch screens can be affected by inanimate objects touching the screen (rain, leaves, ties, cuffs, etc.).


    Image clarity

    Because projected capacitive touch screens are typically made of clear, uncoated glass with a matrix of micro-conductors on the back, they typically provide higher quality images than most other touch technologies. This makes capacitive screens ideal for the latest HD and UHD and OLED displays.



    15.6 inch JFCVision projected capacitive touch screen



    The JFCVision projected capacitive touch screen provides the ultimate solution for challenging environments, especially in public spaces and even outdoor applications such as outdoor kiosks, self-service POS, slot machines, interactive digital signage, and self-service menu.


    If you are looking for a projected capacitive touch screen for your business, please let us know how we can help you.

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