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What is Touch Panel?

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    Published by JFCVision March 18,2020

    Touch panel and touch screen are two different concepts. Touch panel is just one component of touch screen. This article will introduce what is a touch panel.

    A Touch Panel is a sensor type device fabricated by forming a transparent electrode on a substrate of glass or film.


    touch panel


    There are different types of touch panels such as capacitive, resistive, IR, etc. JFCVision only develops/produces Capacitive Touch Panel which recognizes the touched coordinates by a change in the touch capacitance.

    The touch panel is typically used in conjunction with a display device such as a LCD panel.


    touch screen


    When you touch the screen of the touch panel, the position coordinates/operation information is processed by a microprocessor and related software.This provides an intuitive user interface by directly touching the screen without any input devices required such as a keyboard or mouse.


    The adoption of a touch panel for smart home equipment, transportation, smartphones, self-service kiosk etc. has become widespread.

    Consequently, in order to provide a more convenient and intelligent living environment, providing a touch panel on the LCD display panel is essential.

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