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43inch 2500nit Capacitive Touch Screen For Outdoor Advertising Display


Published by JFCVision November 06,2019


43 inch Capacitive Touch Screen Test Video


Customer's Information:

Country: Canada

Name: Greg


Project Information:

Application: outdoor advertising display

Operating system customer used: LINUX

Qty per year: 200pcs, 2 samples asap

Project lifetime: 5 years

When start to communicate the project details:  Feb. 15, 2019

When the samples were delivered out: Mar. 13, 2019

When the mass production was started:  Oct.  17, 2019


Customer's Requirements:

LCD Panel:

      Size: 43inch

Resolution: 1920*1080

Brightness: 2500nit

Interface: LVDS or HDMI


43 inch 2500nits capacitive touch screen

Back structure of JFC430HB25.V0




PCAP with coverlense with edge 75mm around

Glass IK6 or IK8

Glass Thickness: min. 3mm

Printing Color: black

Interface: USB, with LINUX driver

Rainproof PCAP touch

Deliver them separately, without bonding.


Customer's Questions:

Q.: The surface treatment of the LCD panel is Anti-Glare, 3H Haze+1%, can you change to Glare without Haze?

A.:  The surface of the LCD panel with anti-glare treatment, with Haze effect. It can't be change to glare without Haze


Q.: What IK protection does this cover glass? And Which kg of which height?

A.:  It's IK06, shock 1 joule (500g from 20cm)


Q.: Do you have a HDMI-control board for the LCD?

A.: Yes, JFC provides the service of supplying compatible PCBA (includes control board, power board, inverter and cables).


JFC Solution:

LCD Panel: JFC430HB25.V0, 1920*1080, 2500nit

There is no original 43inch LCD panel with 2500nit

It's JFC customized high brightness LCD panel


PCAP with coverlense with edge 75mm around

Glass IK06-IK08

Glass Thickness: 3mm

Printing Color: black

Interface: USB, with LINUX driver

Rainproof PCAP touch

Touch control board: with touch USB interface

Touch point: 10 points


Control Board: JFC2KHVD68676C, with HDMI, DVI and VGA

Power Board: MP128FL



· LVDS cable

· Backlight cable

· Keyboard with cable

· IR

· Touch USB cable

Delivery Date:

The delivery date of the LCD panel: 3 working days upon payment receipt.

Delivery date of the TP: 20 days upon payment receipt.

Shipping Method:

1. The customers can arrange their own forwarder pick up the goods.

2. JFC has account of Express company, with special discount

· DHL, 3-5 days

· TNT, 5-7 days

· FedEx, 5-7 days

3. JFC has cooperated forwarders, with the service of Express, Air and Sea transportation




43inch 2500nit Capacitive Touch Screen

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